Columbus, OH,
19:53 PM

10TV: African Americans and COVID-19

10TV Dr Espy-Bell 4.14.20

As more numbers and data becomes available about COVID-19, the pandemic has revealed certain disparities within our public health system. Public health and community leaders have found that African Americans are being infected with and dying from COVID-19 at higher rates compared to others.

According to information from Columbus Public Health, as of April 15, African Americans make up 38% of hospitalizations from COVID-19, but just 28% of the city’s total population.

“I think this speaks to our communities,” Laura Espy-Bell, MD, an emergency medicine physician at OhioHealth, told 10TV in a recent interview. “’We’re all in this together’ is what the slogan is now. If my neighbor or friend has a higher risk of dying for whatever reason, then that concerns me as well. This is not an African American problem. This is a world problem that we all need to address.”

Dr. Espy-Bell recommends that all people with chronic health conditions maintain contact with their primary care provider during this time. Anyone with a prescribed medication should take it as directed and try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.