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10TV Asks: What's Going Around This Week?

Did you take some time off work or school during the holidays to relax with family and friends? While good for the soul, that time in close proximity may be the culprit to what OhioHealth Urgent Care physicians are seeing patients for this time of year – sore throats and strep throat.

10TV anchor and medical reporter, Tracy Townsend, recently visited with Dr. Jason Pedrick at OhioHealth Urgent Care – Delaware to talk all things sore throats, ranging from a tickle in the back of the throat, all the way up to strep.

So how do the medical staff know what your malady is? Dr. Pedrick says when you arrive for care, you’ll be asked about what your symptoms are – do you have swollen glands, difficulty swallowing or an overall scratchy feeling? From there, a medical team member will check the back of your throat, feel your lymph nodes on the outside of your neck and possibly run a strep test.

OhioHealth Urgent Care recently started using a new test called a molecular strep test. “It’s very, very accurate and we usually don’t need to send for a culture afterward,” Dr. Pedrick told 10TV.

If you have strep throat, which is a bacterial infection, you’ll be prescribed antibiotics. Dr. Pedrick says it is vital to complete the whole prescription, even if you start to feel better, because there could still be bacteria that remains.

A regular sore throat that is caused by a viral infection will typically last a week and can be treated with over the counter medicines.

This time of year, especially, prevention is key to avoiding a cold, flu, strep, or other illnesses. Dr. Pedrick recommends you cough into your elbow instead of your hands, wash your hands with warm soap and water frequently, and consider adding supplements like zinc, vitamin C and Echinacea to your routine.

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