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10TV: Family Finds Way to Give Back After Losing Their Son

Nathan and Lindsay White faced one of the hardest things a family could go through, but instead of letting it break them down they used it as a reason to make something meaningful.

Lindsay became pregnant with their son Reagan in 2016. Because of her age, the pregnancy was considered high risk. She suffered from blood clots and hematomas, and was eventually taken to the high risk obstetrics unit at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital. At the hospital, Lindsay was given instructions of strict bed rest due to a chronic abruption that could cause harm to the baby.

On May 27, 10 days later and 19 weeks early, Reagan was born. Lindsay and Nathan got to know their son for just three hours before he passed away.

"Devastating," Lindsay told 10TV reporter Bryant Somerville. "It's devastating. There's not really anything to describe it. It's the worst feeling that I've ever experienced,” said Lindsay.

Lindsay and Nathan worked hard to make meaning of this devastating situation. They wanted a way to give back and help families who were going through a similar situation. Around the time everything was happening an opportunity arose to make that happen.

Nathan won a contest with Fat Head’s Brewer to make his own beer. Through this fat Head’s learn his story and knew they wanted to help in some way. 

Fat Head’s created a beer in honor of Reagan. “Reagan’s Comet” debuted at its first event in 2016 and has been served at every one since. One dollar of every brew sold at Pies and Pints goes to the Reagan Michael White Fund that was set up by Riverside Methodist.

All the money from this fund goes towards helping families in the same high right obstetrics unit at Riverside. In the past four years the fund has raised $25,000


“I received such great care when I was at Riverside and we just wanted to give back and do something nice for someone else who may need it,” Lindsay told 10TV.

In 2018 the Fund raised enough money to “adopt” a family of a mom staying in the high risk unit around the holidays. Through the money raised they were able to purchase gifts, gift cards, and a financial gift for a family.

“To be able to give back is big for us,” said Nathan. Click on the 10TV story below to view the full story.  

For more information about the Reagan Michael White Fund click here.

To learn more about high risk obstetrics at Riverside click here.  


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