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10TV: HOOFit - Brain Health

How Taking Care Of Your Brain As You Age Can Help You Enjoy Your Golden Years

You only get one brain, so doctors say you need to work hard to keep it sharp.

“The best ways, studies have shown, to do that is learning new activities," Dr. Kathleen Hager, DO, an OhioHealth Geriatrician told 10TV. "Crosswords, reading, those are all fantastic ways to do it but the best bang for your buck in a sense is continuing to learn new things and activities.”

As we age, it is imperative to focus on ways to keep your brain working at its best for you. Of course, doctors will tell you that sleep, good nutrition, and exercise are the key to long-term health.

But, one of the best things you can do for your brain, stay social.

“Socialization is by far where we go wrong as we get older,” Dr. Hager said. “We often recommend senior centers or any programming in their local communities.”

One of the best ways to mix exercise and socialization this Summer is the OhioHealth HOOFit walks at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium.

Each month during the Summer months, several dozen walkers come out and spend time at the zoo, while learning about the animals and health.

In July, brain health was the topic of the day, with doctors from OhioHealth leading the walks, adding good useful information, and teaming up with experts from the zoo on information about the animals.

There are still a couple of HOOFit walks left in the season.

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