Columbus, OH,
17:25 PM

10TV: Importance of Medical Screenings During COVID-19

10TV Screenings During COVID

During the COVID-19 pandemic, if you were scheduled for a mammogram, primary care appointment, dentist appointment or other services, have you cancelled your visit until things settle down?  If so, it's time to use the OhioHealth app or call the office to reschedule.

Jason Melillo, MD, medical director of women's health at OhioHealth recently spoke with 10TV reporter Krista Frost about the cancellations of screening or preventive appointments.  Dr. Melillo noted many cancellations were from people who were over age 65 or had other risk factors for COVID-19.  

So when should you go in for care?  Doctors suggest seeking medical care if you're in pain, as waiting too long could lead to bigger problems.  Annual checkups and screenings should also be scheduled. OhioHealth has taken extraordinary measures to keep our hospitals safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we have resumed services across our health system, we continue to put the safety of our patients, associates and providers first. Thousands of our patients have already had visits in person with their doctors using these new safety measures. At all of our locations, or virtually through telehealth, OhioHealth providers are ready to deliver the care you need without compromising your sense of comfort. 

"The risk for breast cancer is 1 in 8 - that's if you don't have any risk factors," said Dr. Melillo.  "If you delay your appointment, it's important that you don't cancel it all together and reschedule it."  

OhioHealth is taking many measures to keep patients, providers and associates safe while in our care sites.  To learn more about how we are putting safety first, click here