Columbus, OH,
17:20 PM

10TV: Long Hauler COVID-19 Cases Become More Common

Some people contract COVID-19 and feel back to their normal selves after a couple of weeks.  But there's another group, called "long haulers" whose symptoms linger for weeks - even months - after their diagnosis.  Some of these patients deal with annoying, nagging symptoms, while others require the care of specialists like pulmonolgists, cardiologists and even mental health experts to help with the emotional side effects.

10TV reporter Bryant Somerville recently spoke with Joseph Gastaldo, MD, OhioHealth medical director of infectious diseases about long haulers.  Dr. Gastaldo told 10TV that the number of long haulers appears to be on the rise. 

"The discussion basically boils down to symptoms exist,” Dr. Gastaldo told Somerville. “People are having symptoms and we really don’t have good answers for them (as to why).”

Dr. Gastaldo said it's beneficial for long haulers to share their experience with their physician because discussion about the topic can lead to research - and ultimately, answers.  He also says patients shouldn't feel shame about their lingering symptoms.  

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