Columbus, OH,
15:00 PM

10TV: OhioHealth Physicians Compete in Simulation-Based Competition

When your job involves facing life-or-death situations on a regular basis, what better way to prepare than by making your training as close to real life as possible?

Emergency medicine physicians at OhioHealth are doing just that.

Residents from 10 hospitals across the state gathered together to practice their skills on mannequins as a part of SimWars, a simulation-based competition between teams of clinical providers that compete in various aspects of patient care.

“It's a chance for all the emergency medicine residents from across Ohio to get together, a chance for all residents to learn from some of the best and brightest in the country,” Brad Gable, MD, system medical director for simulation at OhioHealth, told 10TV reporter Lacey Crisp.

The program is meant to emphasize experiential learning and offer learning opportunities for those watching and instructing. It combines a group-learning format with individual skill assessment to enhance global knowledge and skill performance.

Instructing doctors are behind-the-scenes during the competition, providing residents with different medical emergency scenarios to react to. The mannequins used throughout the program are about as technologically advanced as they come, with features that allow them to blink, breathe, talk and react to the medications they receive.

“It really pushes the thresholds of how simulations can recreate live situations in a controlled setting, so we can better take care of those patients when they show up," said Drew Kalnow, simulation director at OhioHealth Doctors Hospital.

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