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10TV: Overcoming Injury as You Age

Almost everyone struggles with overcoming an injury at some point in their lives. The road to recovery can be long and challenging, yet the process becomes even more crucial as people age.

10TV reporter Molly Brewer recently spoke with Tim Varughese, physical therapist and manager of clinical services at the OhioHealth McConnell Heart Health Center about the issue.

Maintaining balance, getting regular exercise and adjusting body posture after sitting behind a computer all day are some of the easiest ways to prevent and recover from injury.

“If by the time you get to age 60, if you commit to walking daily; either a mile or two miles a day, it’s going to help with your cardiovascular health and your flexibility and lower extremity strength but it’s also going to help naturally maintain your balance,” Varughese said.

Though it’s a common belief that people tend to naturally lose strength as they get older, Varughese points out that there are ways to prevent this from happening.

“People tend to lose strength as they age because they're not as active and they're not exercising as much,” he said.

“If you continue to do regular exercise and continue to commit to your fitness, you’ll maintain a lot of your muscle mass as you age.”

For those adults who are wondering when it’s the proper time to seek medical help, Varughese offers some advice and warning signs to look for.

“Having pain first thing in the morning when you wake up should be a yellow flag to you and should make you take note,” Varughese said.

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