Columbus, OH,
12:00 PM

10TV: Race Preparation and Recovery



Training for a race takes a lot of practice and preparation. Participates have a good idea of what to expect, however, there are still ways to get hurt, such as,  being tired, pulling a muscle, strains, dehydration, and more.

OhioHealth’s Ben Bring, PhD, Sports Medicine Physician, appeared on 10TV's weekend morning show where he discussed how to prep for and recover from the race.

“Try not to overstrain during the week of the races,” Dr. Bring told 10TV's Karina Nova

He encouraged runners to stick to the pace you train at and stay as even as possible. Dr. Bring also identified the biggest mistake that runners can make while training, “undertraining prior to the race and not working on your basic fundamentals of running.”

The day of the race, Dr. bring spent some time with 10TV’s Mike Davis to talk about the many services OhioHealth offered before, during, and after the event.

“The most common thing we see is exertional collapse. You cross the finish line, the blood pools in your legs, and runners tend to pass out,” Dr. Bring told 10TV

“Luckily, we have a medical tent set up with plenty of cots and fluids for everyone. We are ready to go,” explains Ben to reporter Mike Davis of 10TV.

With over 60 OhioHealth volunteers ranging from medical students all the way to attending physicians with backgrounds as diverse as emergency, family medicine and sports medicine, OhioHealth was prepared for any situation.

“We have EMS stationed all over the course as well as medical tents at the 3 ½ and 10 ½ mile markers. We have eyes and ears all over the court.” Dr. Bing told 10TV

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