Columbus, OH,
18:04 PM

10TV: Riverside Methodist gives superhero capes to NICU babies


All an expectant parent desires is a healthy baby. Unfortunately, for certain reasons, some newborns must be hospitalized and admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Babies are sent to the NICU when they are born prematurely, difficulties occur during their deliveries, and/or show signs of a problem during their first few days of life.

At times, the smallest and youngest patients in the hospital are some of the biggest fighters. Babies from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital NICU at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital were honored with superhero capes to show how strong of fighters they really are. This idea was created by the March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization that works to better improve the health of mothers and babies by preventing infant mortality, birth defects and premature birth.

Members of Riverside’s sewing guild volunteered their talents to make the capes as a way to serve these little heroes. The tiny capes made include Superman, Batman and Captain America symbols. These NICU babies have the same courage and toughness of the famous superheroes.

For a lot of parents with a baby or babies in the intensive care unit, it is very difficult to deal with what is happening. This superhero day is a way to help moms and dads cope with the situation they are in. It brings a little bit of happiness into the highly tense circumstances in which these new parents find themselves.

Earlier this year, the renovated $9 million, 42-bed NICU opened at Riverside. Click here to learn how the space is helping these most vulnerable patients.