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19:16 PM

10TV: Snack Smart While Working From Home

Are you hungry, or are you just bored? That's the question Americans keep asking themselves now that they're moving less and working from home - many just steps away from their refrigerators! 

Prya Patel, a registered dietician with OhioHealth, is all too familiar with "bored snacking," and she recently spoke with 10TV about some of the ways you can avoid becoming elbow-deep in a bag of chips the next time the cravings hit. 

“Obviously, carbs and sugars, they taste amazing. That’s why we always gravitate towards that,” Patel told 10TV Commit to Be Fit reporter Molly Brewer. "A lot of times, junk food is easier to grab and go, but if fruits and veggies are washed, cut and prepared right away, people can cut out the hassle when it comes time for a snack."

She also recommends setting an eating schedule with designated times for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to avoid grazing throughout the day. If you do cheat a little bit, remember that that's okay. 

“Sometimes we tend to say, ‘Well, I had a bad breakfast. I had waffles, bacon, a lot of syrup on it, so my day is already ruined. So for lunch I’m going to go ahead and eat pizza or for dinner I’m going to eat burgers and fries,’ but your day isn’t ruined,” Patel said. “It’s just that one meal. Don’t let that define your entire day. We’re not perfect.”

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