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10TV: The Importance of Exercise During and After Cancer

10.28.20 10TV Exercise Breast Cancer Survivors

Research has shown that exercise can help a cancer survivor's recovery process and potentially help prevent it from coming back.  

That's why OhioHealth has created chair aerobics and resistance exercise videos for cancer survivors to do from home.  To access the videos, please click here.  We recommend you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

"Most of the research in survivorship related to exercise is in breast cancer because that's the largest group of survivors.  There are 3.8 million breast cancer survivors," said Colleen Zombek, OhioHealth Advanced Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist told 10TV medical reporter Tracy Townsend. "You can do it from home, wear what you want to wear.  But  getting in that physical activity is so important."

Deniece Pittman is an eight-year cancer survivor. She also stars in one of the OhioHealth exercise videos. Deniece, who works as a hairstylist, told Townsend that exercising has made standing up all day at work easier.  

"The exercise has really helped me to know how to stretch," said Deniece. "Especially getting up in the morning and everything is aching.  So it really taught me to do stretch exercises before you even start your morning.    

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