Columbus, OH,
20:46 PM

10TV: Trailblazing Female Neurosurgeon Retires

"I will miss taking care of my patients, and those amazing relationships," Dr. Janet Bay

When you hike one of the world’s tallest mountains, your reward is the view at the top. Dr. Janet Bay has done plenty of climbing through her career amazing career in the field of neurosurgery and is ready to enjoy that well-deserved view.

In the predominantly male field of neurosurgery, one must have the motivation, dedication, and persistence to not only get in the door but to knock that door down and excel. One must be unable to be deterred in the face of probing questions and skepticism from colleagues. That is exactly what Dr. Bay exhibited in addition to other traits and skills through her 45 years of practice. 

After years of a thought-out and well-executed plan, Dr. Bay is exploring a new part of her life that is befitting.

Dr. Bay was the 13th female to practice neurosurgery in the United States, certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery. As a neurosurgeon she is noted for her work in focusing on the surgical illness of the brain, spine, and peripheral nerve.

“They say when a door closes a window opens somewhere. This for sure is a new opening for me,” Dr. Janet Bay told Tracy Townsend of 10TV.

As a pioneer for women in this field, Dr. Bay put to rest any beliefs that female agendas vastly differed from males. Specifically, Dr. Bay’s agenda held accomplishments that surpassed her collogues; as Dr. bay became the first female medical staff president at Riverside Methodist, Chair of Chair of the Neuroscience Clinical Operations Council, and Physician Lead for the neuroscience clinical program.

Dr. Bay retires from OhioHealth May, 31st.

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