Columbus, OH,
17:19 PM

10TV: What's Going Around - Holiday Injuries

With the holiday season in full force, OhioHealth Urgent Care providers are seeing an annual seasonal rush according to Glenn Williams, MD, medical director of OhioHealth Urgent Care. The staff is noticing an influx of cut and burn injuries as people are in the kitchen baking and cooking for holiday parties and gatherings.

Williams told 10TV reporter Tracy Townsend that you should see an expert for cuts that are deep or gaping.

“If you put compression on it for about 20 minutes and it’s still bleeding, that’s a good reason to [come in],” he said. “If you’re having any numbness or weakness of that joint or area, then I would get it seen.”

He also added that any burns that result in numbness or blisters could be second or third-degree burns, and you should see a doctor right away. If the burn is not as bad, Williams suggests using cool water or aloe cream to help ease the burning sensation.

Another common seasonal injury seen at OhioHealth Urgent Cares is overuse injuries from those who increase their physical activity around the holidays. As fun, holiday races and the time for New Year’s resolutions approaches, some push too hard as they train, which leads to injuries such as ankle pain, shin splints, back pain or damaged tendons, ligaments, bones and muscle.

Although medical experts say that physical activity is beneficial for your health, you should pace yourself. People think of the exercise motto “no pain, no gain”, but Williams says you really should listen to your body.

“Some soreness after activity, the day after when you’re kind of sore in the muscle, that’s going to be expected if your pushing yourself, but certainly prolonging pain where it doesn’t go away the next day can be an indication that it’s more of an injury,” he told Townsend.

These injuries tend to occur when you’re pushing yourself to the limit with repetitive stress and not allowing the critical recovery time. Williams reminds everyone to check with your primary care physician first, pace yourself and warm up before you start a new fitness routine.

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