Columbus, OH,
17:27 PM

10TV: What's Going Around: Is it cold or allergies?

During this time of year, it can be difficult to differentiate allergies from cold symptoms. Medical providers are seeing a lot of patients coming in thinking they have a cold or sinus infection because of their symptoms, including sneezing and coughing. But in reality, they are suffering from environmental allergies.

One symptom that medical experts say is more likely to be cold-related is a sore throat. Some other symptoms that might help you recognize a cold or sinus infection are fever, body aches and even the color of your mucus. If your mucus is not clear, you most likely have an upper-respiratory infection.

Dr. Glenn Williams, medical director of OhioHealth Urgent Care, spoke with 10TV reporter Tracy Townsend about what to do if you are experiencing these symptoms. He says that symptomatic or supportive therapy is recommended with a cold.

“Over the counter nasal spray, saline nasal spray, decongestants, antihistamines, those are the typical go-to medications for symptom management of colds and upper respiratory infections," Dr. Williams told Townsend.

He also gave advice on what to do if you are experiencing environmental allergies. Dr. Williams suggests using over-the-counter antihistamines and nasal steroids. These provide relief from your allergy symptoms.

In addition, there are preventative actions you can take to try to avoid catching a cold. It all starts with good hygiene. You should be washing your hands thoroughly and often, as well as coughing into your elbow, not your hands. Dr. Williams also advises that you stay home from school and work if you have a fever.

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