Dublin, OH,
16:58 PM

10TV/NBC4: Disaster Drill

OhioHealth Learning Teams With Ohio University And First Responders For Year Three

If practice truly makes perfect, then medical students from the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine are on their way thanks to a partnership with OhioHealth and first responders.

Saturday the OhioHealth Learning team put together a day-long drill to make sure medical students get hands-on experience before they are doing this for a living.

During this event, 60 medical students from the Heritage College’s campuses in Dublin and Athens learned handle mass casualty situations and then were given an opportunity to apply what they have learned through mass casualty simulations – one simulating a structural collapse and another simulating a barn fire.

A number of emergency medicine physicians from OhioHealth and representatives from local agencies engaged in emergency response spent the day at Washington Township Administrative Offices conducting the training.

Additionally, the OhioHealth Simulation team was on hand, along with their mannequins.

"Whether that's as a respondent on the scene or at a facility like a hospital so they can provide the best care to our patients," Brad Gable, assistant director of OhioHealth Simulation told 10TV.

This is the third year for the disaster drill, and each year these teams change up the drill, but the basics are the foundation of the drill and used each time.

"Fortunately we don't have to use this every day, which is great, but when it does happen they are at least familiar with the incident command structure and a lot of stuff that happens in the background," said Gable to NBC4.

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