Columbus, OH,
16:33 PM

610 WTVN: Ohio's COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise

Every Monday morning, around 6:07 a.m., Joseph Gastaldo, MD, OhioHealth system medical director of infectious diseases, is live on 610 WTVN with the latest COVID-19 news you need to keep you and your family safe. 

On November 16, he talked with host Brandon Boxer about how Ohio is currently experiencing a surge of positive cases, and the numbers are continuing to rise.

"We are still going up the mountain," said Dr. Gastaldo.  "We're not at the peak of the mountain yet. We also clearly have more hospitalized patients in Ohio."

Why are cases still going up?

"I do think that clearly in the public there are oppotunites for improvement with compliance for mitigation strategies," said Dr. Gastaldo.  Things like private gatherings, birthday parties and getting together to watch football games.  What people are doing in their private lives is really driving the COVID-19 cases that are going up."

Another yearly opportunity for gathering that needs to be considered?  Thanksgiving. 

"I'm one of five kids.  My parents are in Gahanna.  We get together and there are about 60-70 people.  It is going to break my mother and father's hearts, but we are not getting together this year.  They are in their 80s and we need to protect them.  It's not worth it for us to get together and potentially expose them.  It will make next year more special.  Each individual family in their household is going to have dinner and we are going to get together virtually over Zoom."

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