Columbus, OH,
19:25 PM

610 WTVN: Keeping Elective Surgeries Safe

With elective surgeries now making a gradual return to OhioHealth, the need to keep patients safe remains as important as ever.

Shay O'Mara, MD, OhioHealth system chief for trauma surgery, spoke with Joel Riley on 610 WTVN to answer some questions surrounding what elective surgeries will look like and the steps healthcare providers are taking to keep everyone safe. 

"Right now, most of what we're doing is all those cases that got canceled," said Dr. O'Mara. "Most of the patients already have a relationship with their doctor, so we've been wrapping them up either in-person or through telemedicine visits."

As far as safety measures go, Dr. O'Mara says that hospitals are safer now than they were before. Some of new changes that have been implemented include screening at hospital entrances, limitations on visitors, people being tested for COVID-19 ahead of time and also being isolated for 72 hours after their procedure. 

"All of these steps are in place to make sure your experience is as safe as humanly possible," said Dr. O'Mara. "Right now, we're in a good place. Everybody is well-protected, and all those safety measures we have in place for patients are twice as much for staff."

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