Columbus, OH ,
17:48 PM

ABC 6: Teens Need to Take Concussion Recovery Slowly

Not all concussions are the same, in fact, OhioHealth athletic trainer Tiffany Estes told ABC6 every concussion is different and carries different recovery times. Recovery can take days, weeks, or even years, and teens who play sports are advised to see a doctor before getting back on the field. Estes explained that if a student were to go back too soon, he or she could risk developing second impact syndrome - if the first concussion didn't heal properly. This can result in brain damage or even paralysis. 

Kellan Grainger plays high school football, lacrosse, and wrestling. When wrestling, a blow to his head threw him off the mat, causing him to need 10 stitches. He remembers being dazed and confused. After the concussion, he slept 12 hours every night and felt the need to take naps throughout the day. Estes said this is normal and the only way to return to play safely is patience and rest. 

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