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A Growing Trend As We All Age

ABC6: Aging In Place

It can be one of the biggest decisions in an older person's life, where do you want to grow old? For many, that answer is simple: in my own home.

But that can be easier said than done. As we all grow older, there are things that happen in our lives that might make that impossible. From recovery from surgeries, illnesses or diseases, there are times when families turn to nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

More and more, health systems are finding ways to modify current things in the senior's home to allow them to stay there longer. It's called aging in place.

Carolyn Block is an OhioHealth certified occupational therapy assistant, who studies aging in place.

"Aging in place is where that senior wants to live," said Carolyn Block, and OhioHealth certified occupational therapy assistant.

Block studies aging in place.

"Some of the people I've seen in time live in their houses 30 or 40 plus years and to have to pick up and move their things and be selective of what they want, isn't a choice they really want," said Block to ABC6's Tara Morgan.

Block says one of the key things for families to do is have discussions early on. That way the wheels can start turning on making sure their loved one stays in their home as long as possible.  Some patients could qualify for home therapy, home health aides and a nurse.

"You could get oxygen you can get IV nurse telehealth that comes out," said Block said to ABC6.

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