Columbus, OH,
22:10 PM

ABC6 and NBC4: OhioHealth Expert Weighs in on Formula Shortage

The formula shortage comes with many questions and generosity from families wanting to help other families.

“For generations, mothers have looked out for other mothers and this time is no different than that,” Jessica Tucker, DO, told ABC6 reporter Bri Buckley during an interview. 

Dr. Tucker is an OhioHealth family medicine physician that specializes in breastfeeding medicine practice at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center and within the OhioHealth Physician Group in Lancaster. One question that has come up for Dr. Tucker is if it safe for mothers to share milk with other mothers who may have a difficult time producing enough for their child?

“The biggest one is communicable diseases, viruses like HIV, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B, as well as medications that the lactating person may be consuming that could be present in breastmilk and harmful to your baby,” said Dr. Tucker in the interview with ABC6, “It’s helpful to have donor moms and it’s helpful to have donor breast milk, but it has to be a conversation between those two people and their doctor,” Dr. Tucker said.

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Dr. Tucker was also interviewed by NBC4, discussing the formula shortage and her breastfeeding practice at Grant Medical Center. To view that story, click on NBC4's logo below. 

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