Columbus, OH,
14:00 PM

ABC6: Battling the Flu Everywhere You Go

Doctors Give Advice on Staying Well

Doctors say we are at the peak of flu season. Emergency departments around the country, and here in central Ohio are packed with patients. Many of them are suffering from the same thing, the flu.

"If you think of cold symptoms, but way worse. The flu can really take someone down," Dr. John Casey, OhioHealth Doctors Hospital emergency department doctor said.

The flu can be spread through a variety of ways, but one of the biggest things is the airborne particles from a cough or a sneeze, or direct contact with someone suffering from flu-like symptoms.

Doctors say those most at risk are those with weakened immune systems, the very young, or the elderly.

To be sure that flu doesn't spread inside of the hospitals, these frontline workers work hard to make sure everything is wiped down and cleaned properly.

"We make sure, when someone leaves a bay inside of the emergency room, to wipe down all surfaces with a bleach, and water solution mix," Dr. Casey said.

When you have someone at home with the flu, experts say you can do the same type of cleaning routine to limit the number of people who can be exposed to germs.

"Also, if you have someone with the flu, see if you can keep them confined to a specific area, limit contact as much as possible, and either have the ill person wear a mask, or you can wear a mask as well," Dr. Casey said.

Some more advice from experts, it is not too late to get a flu shot.

"What we are seeing is those who have received the flu shot, even if they come to the emergency department, it seems the symptoms from those people are less severe than someone who didn't get the flu shot at all," Dr. Casey said.

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