Columbus, OH,
14:00 PM

ABC6: Central Ohio bundles up for wind chill advisories

Winter is officially here which means it’s time to bundle up if you’re heading outside. This is especially true when the temperature or wind chill drops below freezing. On those days, people can experience severe problems in under a half hour.

Recently, ABC6/FOX28 meteorologist and reporter Erin Carroll visited OhioHealth Urgent Care to learn more from Sherry Stevens, DO, who is trained in emergency medicine and works in urgent care.

Dr. Stevens says frostbite can happen quickly.

"Frostbite is when you actually lose your sensation and when you lose your color. Your skin will look kind of waxy and feel numb," she told Carroll.

Dr. Stevens says if you think you have an issue, you should move to a warmer place immediately and run the affected area under warm water. It should improve and return to a normal color within minutes. If not, get to the doctor immediately.

Another possible condition that can be contracted from the cold weather is hypothermia, which is much more serious. But unlike frostbite, Dr. Stevens says hypothermia is harder to detect because it's not based on how we look but rather how we act.

"People who are getting hypothermia can act like sullen teenagers. They'll be clumsy, mumbling and make poor decisions," said Dr. Stevens. If that's the case for you or someone around you, seek medical attention immediately.

Click here to view the story that aired on ABC6. 

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