Columbus, OH,
20:51 PM

ABC6: Construction Companies Donating Masks to Hospital Workers

TV6 5P Donating Masks 3.18.20

Construction companies in central Ohio have been stepping up and donating their unused masks to hospitals for healthcare workers.

“We’ve actually had dozens of our partners already reach out,” Roland Tokarski, OhioHealth VP, Construction Real Estate and Facilities told ABC6 reporter Tara Morgan.

Those same masks construction workers where to proctect tmeselves from debris can also be used by doctors and nurses.

“Certainly we’re in good shape with our supplies, but we can always use additional resources from the community,” said Tokarski. “In construction and also in manufacturing and a number of different types of industries people use these masks very readily,” said Tokarski.

Messer Construction sent over 100 masks to OhioHealth.

“They’re just one of many, but they’ve certainly been very helpful thus far,” said Tokarski. “I think the whole community and everybody is really rallying around just to make sure healthcare facilities can provide the care that we need here in the community,” said Tokarski.

OhioHealth has set up an email for companies to use to reach out if they are looking to donate supplies. The email is  Or, if a person or company wants to donate supplies, such as masks or gloves, they can contact Franklin County Emergency Management ( Items of need at hospitals throughout the area include gowns, non-sterile gloves, ear loop surgical masks, N95 masks of all sizes, hand sanitizer and viral swabs/viral culture vials.