Columbus, OH,
17:20 PM

ABC6: Distracted Parenting

Parents Log Plenty Of Screen Time, But Should They Spend More Time Looking Up?

We are living in a day and age where most parents are setting guidelines to make sure their children don't have too much screen time. Some parents feel they need to be on social media to keep an eye on what their children are clicking on, or talking with.

"Kids are into social media and they're into their iPhones they're into all these different forms of technology and as parents, we have to keep up with it for that reason to keep an eye on them," said Dr. Schabbing to ABC6's Tara Morgan.

But, should there also be that in place for parents when they are with their children?

The topic of distracted parenting is certainly one that has been talked about for a while now. Parents scrolling, emailing, and posting either at home, at the park when their children are playing, or at events, their children are participating in.

"It can really impact negatively a child's emotional development self-esteem," said Dr. Schabbing to ABC6.

Dr. Schabbing suggests trying to be present for your child when there is time to be. She suggests that your child might not tell you that distracted parenting, when it comes to devices, bothers them, but it might.

And in some cases, it might go beyond just missing a moment to be with your children, it could mean that someone else is watching them, and that is downright dangerous.

"There's missing your child growing up and not having that interaction with your child but it's also dangerous to not be watching your child," said Dr. Schabbing to Tara Morgan.

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