Columbus, OH,
12:00 PM

ABC6: Family 411 - Home Care

Patients will tell you, nearly across the board, they want great care closer to home. Many times, that means getting great care inside of the home itself.  Home Care is a big part of many health system's continuum of care and can include home visits several times a week.

Ashley Fields is a physical therapist for OhioHealth Home Care. She sees patients each day, all with very different challenges.

“Life has changed for them. So maybe things they were able to do before they suddenly can't do anymore,” Fields told ABC6.

Fields and other therapists can offer a variety of services, right at home. Everything from home modifications, physical checks, home medical equipment visits, pharmacy options, and more.

“Sometimes we don’t look at our own surroundings with fresh eyes. And so an outside person like one of us can come in and say, oh gosh, that ‘s a little bit dangerous,” said Fields to ABC6. “So maybe we can make a suggestion about a grab bar or handrail.”

Beyond just the advice, these workers can be, at times, the only visit some patients will get all day. There are bonds that can be created, tight bonds that last for weeks, months, or more.

“Some people might have a little apprehension when they first come out of the hospital and this is suggested. But generally once they kind of get to know us and let us come in, they realize, gosh we are here to help and they are really pleased with the services,” said Fields to ABC6.

Home Care teams can come in after a surgery, an illness, infusions and more. Nursing staff can help to change bandages, provide wound care, check vitals too. 

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