Columbus, OH,
15:35 PM

ABC6: Fast-acting Hilliard teacher saves sister's life with CPR

Nikki Landon, 37, was treated at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital after suffering from an unexpected cardiac arrest on June 27 during lunch with her sister, Angie Granchi, 37, and her mom at Morgan House in Powell.

Nikki's mom quickly reported to 911 that her daughter was having a seizure and Angie performed chest compressions on her sister, an act which was credited with laying the foundation for Nikki's recovery.

Josh Drum, the restaurant's chef, checked for a pulse.

"We would bring her back, and then lose her. She even gassed for air. Moments after, we lost her again," said Josh in a conversation with ABC6.

A little more than eight minutes after the initial 911 call, Washington Township paramedics arrived and began treating Nikki. Paramedic Bob Mercer said that she did not have a pulse.

Paramedic Sam Soteriadas said he was surprised to know that Nikki had survived with no brain damage or major side effects.

Nikki spent about three weeks at Riverside Methodist, including a week in intensive care; she had to learn how to perform basic actions, such as walk and eat, all over again. She continues weekly cardiac therapy to strengthen her heart and has a defibrillator implanted in her chest.

Nikki was only 36 years old when she went into cardiac arrest, and doctors are still not sure what caused it.

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