Columbus, OH,
20:30 PM

ABC6: Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19

TV6 6P Dr. G. answers  3.18.20

ABC6 recently asked viewers to submit questions about the COVID-19 outbreak to be answered by experts.  They connected with Joseph Gastaldo, MD, OhioHealth system medical director, infectious diseases, to answer a few of them.  

One question was about if you can get COVID-19 a seocnd time if you've already had it. Dr. Gastaldo said that is something we still don't know. "When people get this new virus, they do get antibodies. We don't know yet if these antibodies are protective, how long they last or truly if you can get it again,"  he told ABC6.

You can watch the full ABC6 story to get the answers to other frequently asked questions in the video player above.