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16:59 PM

ABC6: Is It Safe to Make Summer Vacation Plans?

TV6 Summer Getaway 5.5.20

The weather is warming, school-from-home is in its final weeks and summer is just around the corner. But before we start to make vacation plans, it's important to account for the risks associated with traveling due to COVID-19. 

Joseph Gastaldo, MD, OhioHealth system medical director, infectious diseases, spoke with ABC6 about why summer travel still isn't a good idea, no matter how much we're itching to book a trip. 

"COVID-19 is out there, and it’s here in the summertime," Dr. Gastaldo told ABC6 reporter Ciara Lucas. "Extreme temperatures can kill the virus, but it’s still communicable from person to person. When you travel, you may go to an area that you’re not familiar with when it comes to things you may be exposed to."