Columbus, OH,
22:04 PM

ABC6: Many Patients Testing Positive for COVID-19 Don't Have a Primary Care Doctor

As people are testing positive for COVID-19, it's being discovered that an alarming number of them do not have a primary care physician.  Primary care physicians are a key component of a patient's medical team. One of the benefits of having a primary care physician is the continuity of care you receive from your ongoing medical relationship. A primary care physician is a great option for preventative/wellness care, management of chronic diseases/conditions, sick visits and immunizations.

They're finding that most people without a primary care physician (PCP) are millennials - those adults in the 25- 45 age range.  Ironically, that's the same age group that is testing positive for COVID-19 at a higher rate currenntly.  Millennials are typically chosing to visit an urgent care if they get sick.  

It's believed many in this age group don't have a PCP because they typically don't have chronic conditions that older adults deal with.  However, as many of them contract COVID-19, having a PCP now is especially advised, because of lingering side effects that the disease can leave behind.

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