Columbus, OH,
15:36 PM

ABC6: Masks Are Needed in Private Settings

COVID-19 numbers are continuing to grow in Ohio, putting a straing on hospitals and frontline workers.  On Nov. 11, Gov. DeWine made a plea to Ohioans to take responsibility to help stop the virus from spreading by masking and social distancing.  But as the weather begins to get colder, there are more concerns about people following those recommendations. 

ABC6 spoke to Joseph Gastaldo, MD, OhioHealth system medical director of infectious diseases about why social interactions are such a concern right now. 

"What’s really driving it is what people are doing in their private lives. The weather is changing. People are being indoors more. They’re having birthday parties and weddings and practicing mitigation strategies in a private home or private setting is something that’s not really been talked about that much," Dr. Gastaldo told ABC6 reporter Mike McCarthy. "But we need to start talking about that, and really start operationalizing how we do that."

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