Columbus, OH,
16:40 PM

ABC6: Mild Winter Extends Flu Season into Spring

Spring has officially sprung, but a warmer than normal winter has caused flu and allergy seasons to collide. The flu typically peaks during winter months, but it is currently spreading throughout Ohio.

Recently, ABC6 meteorologist Erin Carroll spoke with Dr. Seema Cameron, an urgent care physician with OhioHealth Urgent Care, who can attest to this surge in the flu. She has been treating about 12-20 cases per day at OhioHealth Urgent Care in Powell. In addition to the flu, people with allergies are likely experiencing them sooner. This early onset is due to warmer weather that led to trees blossoming early and some windy days that led to the spread of pollen.

Is it the flu or allergies?

With both the flu virus and pollen to contend with for now, how can we tell the difference between the flu and allergies? Dr. Seema says it’s actually quite easy.

“With flu, a patient will always mention ‘It feels like I’ve been hit by a truck’,” says Dr. Seema. She also shares that with flu, a fever will be present.

The good news is that the flu season may be shortening now that we are seeing warmer weather. We can hope to be out of the woods within the next 2-4 weeks.