Dublin, OH,
21:15 PM

ABC6: OhioHealth Emergency Rooms See Bump in Slip and Fall Injuries

The winter weather has certainly set in, complete with ice and snow. And with that comes a number of injuries from slips and falls near homes, on sidewalks, and in other locations.

"We have had a lot of slip and falls, ankle injuries, wrist injuries, shoulder injuries, head injuries,” Dr. Brian Weeks, medical director of the OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital Emergency Department told ABC6. “It’s been a theme. Going to get their mail, going to get the newspaper, getting to their car to come to work, on their way from their car to their workplace.”

With more winter weather on the way, the teams at emergency departments around central Ohio know that it can be a busy time.  Knowing when the right time to come to an emergency department is key, to avoid serious long-term issues.

“Anything to do with your head, especially if you were knocked unconscious or you have a laceration to your scalp, that would probably be some reason to come in and be evaluated, Dr. Weeks told ABC6.  Obviously, if you have a fracture or serious issue like that, you need to be seen right away.”

Beyond slips and falls, pushing your body hard during other events can lead you right to the ED.

“If you go out and shovel and start having angina-like chest pain, shortness of breath, chest pressure, chest heaviness, more than likely it could be a cardiac event,” Dr. Weeks said.

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