Columbus, OH,
17:32 PM

ABC6: Understanding Asthma

OhioHealth Doctors Working Hard with Patients to Stay Ahead of Attacks

If you have asthma or know someone who does, those moments when an attack hits can be scary.

There are many factors that could trigger an asthma attack, but doctors are working hard with patients and families to stay ahead of those attacks and keep issues at bay.

"If they have a sudden onset of symptoms they can't access to their inhaler or if they just have a severe disease they can get enough constriction of their breathing tubes in their lungs that they would suffocate," Dr. Brian Fornadel told ABC6 reporter Tara Morgan.

The biggest component of treatment is first having access to something that will be a relief to the person having the attack.

"Sometimes if an asthma patient is getting under or developing symptoms quickly they may not be able to help themselves," said Dr. Fornadel to ABC6.

But there are steps to be taken before it gets to that point.

That can include working with a doctor or specialist to see what triggers might be present that starts the asthma symptoms.

Many of the same medications have remained for patients over the years.

The biggest changes might be in what form the medications are delivered.

The good news is that some children can actually outgrow asthma symptoms as they get into their adult years.

The CDC has recommendations for families to consider with asthma patients.