Columbus, OH,
14:36 PM

ABC6: Warning Of Fall Dangers At Home

The numbers are staggering, in fact, some call it an epidemic.  Falls inside the home are happening every single day, and in some cases causing the person serious injury or death.

"Every three minutes an individual over the age of 65 falls, and nationally every 29 minutes a person over the age of 65 actually dies from a fall," said Kris Parrish, an occupational therapist from OhioHealth Home Care.

Parrish spends a lot of his day working with clients to make sure they don't have falls.  He says there are simple things people can do to make sure a fall doesn't happen at home.

Extension cords, mats, and rugs can be prime contributors to falls, but sometimes it's the person thinking there isn't  a problem.

"There's a little bit of denial. They [say] 'Oh, no, I don't think I need a cane, a walker. I don't think I need grab bars in the bathroom," Parrish told ABC6's Tara Morgan. "Stairways without handrails may throw an individual's balance off," said Parrish. ‚Äč

He does a home assessment with patients and their families to make sure there aren't potential problems.  Other additions can be made from grab bars in bathrooms, to specially designed handles to get up and down stairs.

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