Columbus, OH,
17:23 PM

All Life Foundation Commits $1 Million to Enhance the Judith Dempsey Hook Cancer Navigation Program Endowment at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital

OhioHealth is honored to announce the All Life Foundation has made a $1 million charitable contribution to the OhioHealth Foundation for the Judith D. Hook Cancer Care Patient Navigation Program endowment at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital.  

The Judith D. Hook Cancer Care Patient Navigation Program endowment will amplify OhioHealth’s personal approach to cancer care that begins with access to a patient navigator – caregivers who provide tailored assistance to patients and their families confronting challenges in their cancer treatment journey.

Ginni Ragan Photo“All Life Foundation honors Riverside Methodist Hospital, doctors and staff, in memory of our sister Judith D. Hook, for the wonderful care and caring she received at Riverside.  A beautiful spirit, she is dearly missed by all who knew her,” said Ginni Ragan, president of the All Life Foundation.

Through its visionary support, the All Life Foundation has helped establish Riverside Methodist Hospital as a healthcare leader in exceptional patient experience and care. The foundation has directed extraordinary gifts to Riverside to create the Dempsey Family Patient Care Unit, the Dempsey Family Education and Resource Center, and the Women’s Center.  

“I want to personally thank Ginni Ragan and the All Life Foundation for their very generous gift to our navigation program at Riverside Methodist Hospital”, said Praveen Dubey, MD, vice president, OhioHealth Cancer Care. “It speaks to their commitment to ease suffering and to alleviate some of the everyday burdens that patients and families face during a very difficult fight. WE are grateful.” 

Ginni Ragan has been a devoted supporter and philanthropic partner of Riverside Methodist for nearly thirty years. The OhioHealth Foundation is grateful for the enduring generosity of All Life Foundation, and donors like Ginni and her family.