Columbus, OH,
19:38 PM

Behind the Scenes of a Live Heart Procedure at OhioHealth

It is well-known that the most effective type of learning is hands-on or interactive in some way.

There are thousands of doctors with unique experiences and specialized knowledge practicing all over the world. Tapping into the experiences of others establishes a culture of collaboration, innovation and new research.

OhioHealth Heart and Vascular physicians and OhioHealth’s Visual Media Services recently worked together to broadcast live cases to the 2018 American College of Cardiology conference in Orlando, FL.

“We are hopeful that we are able to bring some new ideas and new techniques to the audience. We would also like to learn from the audience, what they think of what we are doing and give us advice during the case also,” explained Steven Yakubov, MD.

Receiving audience feedback is an exciting and unique feature of live cases. The room is set up with loud speakers as well as headsets so that the audience may ask questions, make comments, and get a better understanding of what is going on during the procedure.

These live cases are time consuming for the Visual Media Services team requirting two months of planning and preperation. Setting up all the wires, scheduling the live shoots, and making sure everyone on production is on the same page takes strategic communication.

The production team suits up for the procedure the same way the doctors do, as they are tableside, filming everything from prep to the procedure itself.

“It helps bring in new clinical research, which is why we do these,” said Gary M. Ansel, MD.

Creating new opportunities for research is one of the ultimate goals for sharing these live cases. With the talent of a media team who can pull off the production matched with the expertise of the physicians, it allows for those research collaborations to happen.