Columbus, OH,
15:00 PM

Casey Liddy Appointed President of OhioHealth Berger Hospital

Casey Liddy, MHA, FACHE, has been named President of OhioHealth Berger Hospital, taking charge of the hospital’s operations, strategic direction, and community healthcare services. With an extensive background in healthcare administration and leadership, Liddy brings over two decades of experience to his position.

Liddy previously took on the role of interim president of Berger Hospital earlier this year. He also served as Vice President of Heart & Vascular, Neuroscience, and Oncology at OhioHealth, playing a vital role in supporting service line operations across the system.

Liddy established strong relationships with various teams within OhioHealth, which he will continue to foster, prioritizing the safety and support of the Pickaway and Ross County communities.

“From day one, I could already feel the love and pride that our associates have in both Berger and our community,” Liddy told The Circleville Herald. “The partnership between our hospital and the community has opened doors for so many achievements.”

Liddy’s focus on patient care and the well-being of their families is at the forefront of his leadership. He also plans to lend his support to the establishment of an OhioHealth Urgent Care center in Circleville and improvement of existing facilities.

“Early on in my tenure as interim president, someone gave me a mug that read: When put to the test, Berger’s the best!” Liddy said. “I’ve seen that in action firsthand in the growth of the hospital and the hard work of our associates.”

Assuming the role of president, Liddy is set to “keep the momentum going.”

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