Columbus, OH,
14:00 PM

Close Up "Crash Scene" Helps Students Learn

Mock Crash

High School Students See Partnership Between OhioHealth & Local Fire Department

What did your kids do this summer? For a few dozen high school students, they spent their summer learning as part of the Doctors Hospital boot camp program.

For their last learning exercise, they got to see first hand what distracted driving can do.

“This is a nice opportunity to give back to the community, educate not only what we do but the risk prevention side," Dr. Robert Lowe, EMS Director for OhioHealth said.

This mock crash is put on with a partnership between OhioHealth, and Prairie Township fire. Actors from Doctors Hospital Emergency Department play the victims.

“We’ll have visual, blood, injuries, loud noises. Is it extreme? A bit. Drama? Yes, but it enhances the learning," Dr. Lowe said.

The victims are placed in the cars, then the mock call is made into dispatch.

"It’s a very important to be in a community with township fire, and OhioHealth working so closely together.  Doctors Hospital is so close to us, we use it as our primary transport," Assistant Fire Chief Allen Scott of Prairie Township Fire said.

Standing nearby, the teens see what can happen when you look at your phone in the car for just a second. They see how much work it takes to try and save a life.

"When we get the public to understand, these kids, showing not just what firefighters do, but how important the information is, and how close relationships are," Chief Scott said.

When the exercise is over, the young people have a chance to think, to reflect, and maybe make life choices that could save their lives.

"It really shows you what 2 seconds can do, your entire life makes you not want to look at your phone anymore," Andrew Beard, a high school senior said.

A great message as the teens head back to school, and these professionals head back to work.

"This is a good thing for us, to use tools, we are all benefiting today," Chief Scott said.