Columbus, OH,
17:29 PM

Columbus CEO: OhioHealth CEO Tackles COVID-19 Crisis

Soon after Stephen Markovich, MD, a retired Air Force veteran and family and emergency physician, took over as president and CEO of OhioHealth last July, his abilities as a leader were heavily relied upon when the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation. 

Over the past few months, Dr. Markovich has led OhioHealth through unforeseen circumstances, using a few skills he picked up in the military along the way. OhioHealth has established a centralized Incident Command Center, worked through testing and equipment shortages and acquired new technology to help protect patients and associates. 

"It’s all about creating the right team and structures and role clarity, and empowering our people to make decisions," Dr. Markovich told Columbus CEO reporter Steve Wartenberg. "It’s how you protect your people, protect and communicate with your patients and manage your supply chain.”

Despite the challenges the COVID-19 crisis has posed to the healthcare industry, Dr. Markovich says he's proud of OhioHealth associates. 

“They’re tireless and so dedicated,” he said. “And my job is to protect them and take care of them and make sure they take care of themselves and their families and stay safe and resilient. In the military, we talk about the importance of having a good wingman, and I’d be proud to take any of these people here [at OhioHealth] as my wingman.”

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