Columbus, OH,
19:22 PM

Columbus Dispatch: 7 Year-Old Boy Raises Money; Brightens Day of Patients

Think about when you were seven years old. If you got birthday money, or money during a holiday season, even a weekly allowance, how quickly would you want to spend what you got? You would likely talk mom and dad into running you to a store to buy candy or a toy. George Raney of Columbus is no ordinary seven-year-old. 

George is the son of Lena and Aaron. Aaron is a surgical resident at OhioHealth Doctors Hospital. As many parents do, they come home and talk about their day. A lot of Aaron's conversations with his son focus on sick people who come in for a surgery and having to spend days or weeks in the hospital away from friends and family. 

After hearing some of the stories from his dad, George had an in idea. He wanted to have a lemonade stand. Instead of spending the money raised on himself, he wanted to buy balloons for those in the hospital and write notes to them. The response was great, with George raising more than $100. True to his word, he and his mom bought balloons at the dollar store.

"It was 100 percent George’s idea,” said Dr. Aaron Raney to Ken Gordon of The Columbus Dispatch. “He has a tender heart and is very giving. He has a soft spot for people who are hurting.”

The balloons, delivered by George's dad with a note from the young man, hit all the right marks for patients at Doctors Hospital.

"I just loved it,” said West Side resident Mary Allman to The Dispatch. “It makes you feel good, God love him. Kids are amazing.”

George has some money left from his stand and he is not done yet. He is already asking him mom when they can go back and buy more balloons. In fact, he is already thinking of his next venture. As fall and winter start to set in, he is talking about cider and hot chocolate for the cause.

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