Columbus, OH,
15:00 PM

Columbus Dispatch: Nurses find ways to help even after retirement

The Volunteer RN program at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital currently has about 15 volunteers. These volunteer RNs enjoy the benefits of personal contact with patients and their families; they serve as a support rather than a primary-care worker and unlike most other volunteers at the hospital, they have experience with patient care. Most importantly, the program also allows retired nurses to continue pursuing their passion for helping and caring for others and provides a rewarding and valuable nursing experience.

Diane McCarthy worked at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital for 32 years as a nurse. She is now a volunteer at Riverside Methodist in its volunteer RN program. Other volunteers include Debbie Boxerbaum, who quit her job at Riverside after more than 30 years, to care for her husband after he was diagnosed with ALS and Marie Cliffel, whohas a way of calming and connecting with patients.Those interested in volunteering need to have an active state nursing license, at least two years of bedside experience and CPR/Basic Life Support certifications, and are asked to commit to at least 100 hours a year. 

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