Columbus, OH,
21:38 PM

Columbus Dispatch: Ohio Hospitals See Spike in Mental Health Telehealth Visits

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, many people remain stressed and need help coping with their concerns.  Because of this, calls to crisis hotlines and behavioral health telemedicine appointments are on the rise.  

In a recent interview with the Columbus Dispatch, Megan Schabbing, MD, OhioHealth medical director of psyciatric emergency services, said that while overall emergency room volumes for medical patients have decreased at OhioHealth, there has been a fairly consistent volume of psychiatric patients coming to the emergency rooms and inpatient psychiatric units.

“When you have mental illness and you lose your structure routine, it can be sometimes even more devastating than it might be for people who at baseline do not struggle with mental health problems,” Dr. Schabbing told reporter Megan Henry.

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