Columbus, OH,
19:57 PM

Columbus Dispatch: Telehealth's Role in the Future

Instead of walking into the doctor's office, picking up the phone and chatting about your health virtually has become the new normal over the past few months. 

As hospital systems start to embrace telehealth, Obi Moneme, MD, OhioHealth neurologist and medical chief of telehealth, and Megan Schabbing, MD, OhioHealth psychiatrist and director of psychiatric emergency services, spoke with the Columbus Dispatch about its role in the future of healthcare. 

At OhioHealth, there have been about 7,500 video visits and 75,000 telephone appointments with more than 950 physicians and specialists since March. For some departments, like the ED, video has long been used as a way to communicate with patients. 

“If you would have told me many years ago that we would be delivering care this way, I would have been very, very skeptical,” said Dr. Schabbing. “I am very old school in many ways. I want to be in the same room sitting across the table from you. But if you have that same degree of comfort and openness and honesty that you would have in an office, it translates.”

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