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Could Blocking 'Blue Light' from Your Devices Help You Sleep Better?

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How disengaging from your gadgets can increase melatonin levels and improve your sleep-wake cycle.

Want a better night’s sleep? Turning off your gadgets when the sun goes down may be the answer, according to a small, new study.

17 adults, from 18 to 42 years old, were asked to wear amber tinted glasses from sunset to bedtime for two weeks to block blue light such as from electronic devices and some light bulbs.

Participants kept track of their sleep patterns and provided saliva samples to check melatonin levels.

After the two weeks, they were sleeping about 22 minutes longer than before the experiment…. And reported significantly better sleep quality. In addition, melatonin levels were higher at bedtime and lower in the morning, which may have contributed to an increase in alertness.

According to the authors, these findings show minimizing artificial light following sunset may help regulate the body’s clock, which controls sleep-wake cycles.

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