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Delaware Gazette: New Surgical Center Opens

OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital Makes Major Improvement For Families And Surgical Team

One of the main goals in healthcare around the country is certainly simple on paper; give medical teams and patients the best experience possible. Much of the focus around the country to make that happen centers on upgrades and technology improvements inside of hospitals.  Keeping up with national trends, OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital has made recent significant improvements to its surgical unit.

The eight million dollar project has already improved efficiency and will put much of the focus on an enhanced patient experience. The renovations bring the surgery department to 4 operating rooms, adding more than 600 square feet to each room, 16 total pre and post-operative private bays, 2 private family and physician consult offices, as well as a new family waiting area.

“We are incredibly proud of our newly renovated surgery department,” said Steve Bunyard, president, OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital. “OhioHealth has made a significant investment in the space and it will allow us to provide the best patient experience possible and the highest quality of care, while also providing a first-class place for our physicians and associates to work and practice. We could not be more pleased with the end result.”

The work on the new second floor surgical area started a little more than 18 months ago.  This work is the first renovation of the surgical area since the 1980’s. While OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital surgeons like Dr. Kenneth Graffeo said there was always great work being done during that time period, team members say the space they are using now, takes great medical care to a different level.

“From a surgeon’s standpoint, [the new operating rooms] are state of the art,” Kenneth Graffeo, M.D. General Surgeon, OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital said.

Dr. Graffeo says the old operating rooms could get quite crowded with people and equipment, adding the equipment can now be mounted on the ceiling allowing the surgeon to best position it to utilize floor space.

And it is not just the floor space that has given surgical teams help in the operating rooms. They are getting an even clearer picture during surgery and preparation thanks to additional visual upgrades.

“One key improvement is that the new rooms have LED lights and are much brighter than the old rooms,” Graffeo said. “It helps us increase the safety.”

While the look of the surgical unit is certainly new, updated, and state of the art, there are many nods to the past throughout.  Many of the pictures, and other decor around the unit emphasizes how important history and landscape really are to the staff, patients, and visitors to OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital.

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