Dublin, OH,
22:04 PM

Dublin Life Magazine: New Hospital President Profile

Armin Rahmanian Raising Family In Dublin, While Leading Hospital

There is a new leader for OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital and Grady Memorial Hospital.  Armin Rahmanian has been on the job for 8 months now, but as a Dublin resident, he knew this job would be a great fit for him and his family.

“When I had the opportunity to join the team at OhioHealth, that was a big factor: to be able to, in my own backyard, have a positive impact on our community,” Rahmanian told Dublin Life Magazine. “That really makes me so proud. They already have a really strong track record and history of serving the communities they exist in.”

Rahmanian says it has been a great experience to see his community grow in Dublin, but to also be involved in family experiences for quite some time.

“From early on at Deer Run Elementary, I was pretty heavily involved in their activities,” he says to Dublin Life. “I was proud that I was the only dad who was a room mom. They had to change it to ‘room parent’ just to be inclusive.”

Rahmanian has begun putting together what is called the Dublin Methodist Hospital 2026 Plan.

“That’s really a look into the future of what kinds of services we’ll need to provide at the hospital,” Rahmanian told Dublin Life. “We look to making sure the services the hospital provides match up to what the community needs are, not just today or tomorrow but five or 10 years down the line.”

“What that means for the communities that we serve is that an expert is always just a phone call away,” Rahmanian says. “We’ve really leveraged that in terms of being able to develop programs. Otherwise, if it were a standalone community hospital, it may not have the resources, the capability, the talent to pull it off, but because we’re part of a large system we’re able to.”

Rahmanian says the team at Dublin Methodist have a long history of excellence.  He says a large amount of the people who come to work there, life in the community or have ties to Dublin.  He says those folks are the best ambassadors for what is happening, and where we are going.

“It makes a real difference, especially in health care, when you are part of that community and it is your neighbor, you are taking care of,” he says. “Any time you can see a familiar face, the sense of comfort that provides to our patients … It’s one of those priceless things you can’t create out of thin air.”

And a big partner in where the hospital and health system are going is only possible with strong relationships. And that includes with the city of Dublin.

“They really are thoughtful about how they plan the city, plan the growth, make sure the residents of Dublin are well cared for, not just from a health care perspective but really their well-being,” Rahmanian says. “We’re very privileged to call (Dublin) home and to be president of the hospital of this town we call home is just icing on the cake for me.”

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