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Exercise and Cancer Prevention

Higher levels of physical activity very important for cancer prevention, new study finds.

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Video transcript:

If you want to lower your risk of 13 types of cancer, it may be time to get moving! According to a new study, higher levels of physical activity may be very important for cancer prevention and control efforts.

Researchers tracked the health of more than 1.4 million adults for over a decade. They looked at the association between leisure-time physical activity and 26 types of cancer. The results… Moderate to vigorous activity led to a significantly lower risk in half of the cancers, including liver (27%), lung (26%), kidney (23%), endometrial (21%), colon (26%), bladder (26%) and breast cancer (10%). The benefits of exercise were evident in most cases regardless of body size or smoking history.

The authors say these findings support the promotion of physical activity as a key component of cancer prevention.

It’s currently estimated that 51 percent of people in the U.S. and 31 percent worldwide do not get the recommended amount of physical activity.

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