Columbus, OH,
20:31 PM

FOX 28: Anchor Shawn Ireland gets a mammogram live on-air for a second year in a row

Mammograms can be one of the most dreaded appointments in a women’s year. Taking time out of their day to be “squeezed” can bring a sense of dread. But, mammograms are not as bad as people make them out to be. This short, non-painful, potentially life-saving procedure should not be pushed aside.

For the second year in a row, FOX28 Good Day Columbus anchor, Shawn Ireland, went live during her mammogram, on OhioHealth’s Mobile Mammography Unit, to show the importance and simplicity of the procedure.

“I’ve never found it to be painful,” said Ireland during her live mammogram. “It’s pressure, not pain.” And “just like that I am done.” The whole procedure only took 20 minutes in the hands of the OhioHealth technicians – from check-in time to the end of the mammogram.

Lauren Miller, MD, radiologist with Riverside Radiology, who read Ireland’s mammography images last year, came back to share why annual mammograms are so important.

“One of the major things that we look at, when we are looking at a mammogram, is somebodies prior images,” said Dr. Miller. “Everybody has different tissue pattern, different densities.” That’s why it is important for women to continually schedule annual mammograms starting at age 40.

Breast density is looked at through mammogram images. A change in density can be an indicator of cancer, or simply a result of hormonal changes. Women are recommended to not only have annual scans, but to also preform monthly breast self-exams, in order to catch any changes.

Noticing a change in your breast tissue can potentially be an indicator of breast cancer, said Dr. Miller. It is important to “get it checked by your doctor” if you do notice any changes in your breasts.

Ireland’s images were read by Dr. Miller and are clear again! This means she is good until her mammogram next year, unless she notices something that seems abnormal during a self-exam. “For all of you out there who have any apprehension what so ever, you shouldn’t have,” Said Ireland.

OhioHealth recommends that women of average risk begin screening mammography at age 40, but all women should talk with their doctor to determine, individual screening plans that work best for their needs, based on family history. Women with higher risks of breast cancer may need to begin screening sooner. To schedule an OhioHealth mammography appointment, click here.