Columbus, OH,
15:00 PM

FOX28: Couple's Unplanned Hospital Wedding

After months of planning, Kacey Chamberlin's dream wedding to Jose Martinez was set to happen on May 14. But the night before the wedding, Kacey became violently ill and a few hours later was rushed to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center. Kacey has two rare diseases, intercranial hypertension and fibrous dysplasia. These diseases result in excruciating headaches, which have caused her to be in and out of the hospital since she was fourteen. She missed her prom because of these diseases and was not about to miss her wedding.

Shortly after Kasey was admitted to Grant Medical Center, her mom pulled the nurses aside and expressed that she did not want Kasey to forego her wedding day. That information led the nursing staff at Grant to spring into action and throw Kacey and Jose a wedding right in the hospital. ABC6/FOX28 reporter Andrew Buck Michael interviewed the happy couple about their special day.

Wedding Plan B

Once it was decided that Kasey could not leave the hospital, her soon-to-be husband and the nursing staff began working toward a plan B. They transferred some decorations to the hospital, and used bed sheets to turn the auditorium into a wedding venue.

Still too sick to sit up, Kasey’s mom and nurses pushed her down to the auditorium for the ceremony. Friends and family who could not come to the hospital were able to watch via Skype. And although Kasey could not put on her wedding dress, she did wear a “bridal robe.”

“I couldn’t be more thankful for Grant, because we had our dream wedding planned and this was a good runner-up,” she said.